The Effect of a Juvenile Record on Future Employment and Higher Education

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Criminal Law

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When your child is a teenager, they can easily fall in with the wrong crowd, and find themselves facing juvenile offenses. Often, peer pressure can get them involved in things they wouldn’t otherwise consider. What may start as a harmless prank can escalate and put them and their future at risk. What is the potential impact of a juvenile record on future employment opportunities, as well as access to higher education? This blog post addresses those concerns.

When you are charged with a juvenile offense, a juvenile record is created. Depending on the disposition of the offense, your record can continue to grow, as it may contain information from police or law enforcement officers, your probation officer and your school. If you are required to submit to periodic drug tests or other evaluations, that information may also appear on your record.

In Pennsylvania, any court records related to your case will remain on file with the court for a period of 25 years, unless you successfully seek an expungement. The police may keep your arrest records for a longer period.

Contrary to what you may have heard, your juvenile record does not go away when you turn 18. An employer may ask you to submit to a criminal background check.  Potential employers may have access to your juvenile record, and may deem you inappropriate for a position if you have been charged with delinquency or another offense. In some circumstances, a delinquency conviction can render you ineligible for public housing or other benefits, or disqualify you from serving in the military.

A minor can be expelled from school for certain juvenile offenses, and information can be sent from one school to another regarding delinquency or other juvenile adjudications. Even though you are not required to report juvenile offenses on many college applications, and a juvenile adjudication does not render you ineligible for federal financial aid, a college admissions office may have access to a juvenile record if it has not been expunged. If your juvenile adjudication includes restitution, you may have a monetary judgment against you, which can affect your credit rating, and limit your ability to get student loans.

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