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Disciplinary Matters

Disciplinary matters are very serious and need to be handled with the utmost professionalism and priority. When an attorney received a Complaint from the Disciplinary Board (“DB-7”), it is important that the matter receive immediate attention. An attorney should not wait to address these issues as a Response to DB-7 must be submitted within 30 days. When an attorney’s legal career is in jeopardy, it is essential to speak to an attorney that is familiar with this area of law and can approach the Complaint with a clear and objective mindset.

As part of our review process of your DB-7, we will carefully scrutinize your case file, your finical accounts, correspondence with the client and/or opposing counsel, and any other document that will assist in your defense. Our scrutiny will enable us to provide advice on how to best approach your defense to the claims against you.

The best defense to a DB-7 is to provide a truthful and detailed description of the events that took place that resulted in the Complaint. The Response to DB-7 is your opportunity to review the issues with the counsel from the Disciplinary Board. There is no pre-judgment of the facts that are set forth in the DB-7. In order to fully explain yourself, it is essential that you contact an attorney that is familiar with the procedures of the Disciplinary Board and can fully advise you during this process.

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