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When you face charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you want an experienced and aggressive DUI Defense Lawyer to protect your constitutional rights. The consequences of a conviction can be severe. In addition to substantial fines and the possibility of incarceration, you could put your job at risk and lose your driving privileges for a lengthy period of time. You want an attorney who knows the law and the legal process, and who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

At Hornstine Law, LLC, with offices in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, we have considerable experience defending individuals charged with felonies or misdemeanors, including prosecutions for drinking and driving. Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience, including nearly 20 years of judicial experience. We know the strategies and tactics the state employs in criminal cases, and can help you take proactive measures to protect your constitutional rights. We place a premium on personal service and attention — our goal is to treat you as we would want to be treated if we were the client.

To arrange a free initial consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney experienced in DUI Defense, contact our office online or call us at 215-568-4968 (in New Jersey at 609-523-2222 or in Florida at 727-538-4178).


Our DUI / DWI Defense Practice

Our lawyers handle all matters related to drunk driving charges, from the administrative proceeding to determine the status of your driving privileges to the criminal hearing to establish guilt or innocence and assess penalties. We will make certain you file all requests in a timely manner so that you minimize the consequences of your arrest. We represent first-time as well as repeat offenders.

When you hire us to defend you against a charge of drinking and driving, we will fully investigate the details of your arrest, starting with an examination of whether law enforcement officers had probable cause to make the traffic stop. We will look at police reports and question witnesses to gather all relevant information. We will verify that you were properly advised of your Miranda rights when taken into custody and that field sobriety and blood alcohol/breathalyzer tests were correctly administered.


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To set up a free initial consultation, contact our office online or for assistance in Pennsylvania and New York call our office at 215-568-4968, for assistance in New Jersey call our office at 609-523-2222, and for assistance in Florida, call our office at 727-538-4178. Evening and weekend meetings can be scheduled at your request. Our Philadelphia office is located within easy access from PATCO and SEPTA.


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