How to Effectively Communicate the Goals You Have For Your Child’s Education

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Education Law

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If your child has special educational needs, and you are working to put an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place, you want to take certain steps to ensure that you have effectively communicated what you want your child to achieve through the administration of the plan. This blog post sets forth ways that you can increase the likelihood that your concerns will be heard and that your child’s needs will be met.

  • Put together a wish list of goals at the beginning of the process—Before you start working out the IEP, identify all potential objectives, and put your list in writing. When you go through the process, you should continually refer back to your goals to make certain that all issues are addressed.
  • Document all discussions in writing—As you work through the process, make notes of all discussions. After each meeting, you can summarize what was discussed and provide a copy to all participants, seeking clarification or disagreement, if appropriate.
  • Ask questions—It is important to remember that the creation of an IEP is a joint effort. You don’t have to simply accept what the school offers. Don’t ever assume that the school can or cannot offer a certain service. If you are ever uncertain about what is included in the IEP, seek clarification, both orally and in writing.
  • Make certain you are talking to the right people—You want assurances that the people with whom you are working to set up the IEP have the authority and ability to carry out the agreements made. If necessary, you should request the participation of principals or higher officials, so that you know you are working with people who can implement your IEP.
  • Listen carefully to what is being discussed—Effective communication always goes both ways.  Take the time to carefully listen to what is being offered or said, so that you can ask questions at appropriate times, and work cooperatively to put together a plan that meets your child’s needs.

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