Evaluating Your IEP at the End of the School Year

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Education Law

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If your child has special education needs and has an Individualized Education Program, the end of the school year is an appropriate time to conduct a thorough assessment of the program. Is it meeting your child’s needs? Has your child benefited from the program? Are the goals realistic, and are the methods being used effective for your child? If certain goals were not met, what was the reason? Is or should your child be eligible for Extended Year Schooling?

To properly evaluate your child’s Individualized Education Program, you need to have a copy of the IEP. Under the federal regulations (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act-2004), there are eight required elements for an IEP. These include:

  1. A statement of present levels of educational performance
  2. Statements of measurable annual goals
  3. An explanation of how progress will be measured
  4. A description of the special education services provided under the program
  5. A description of the extent to which (if at all) the child will participate in regular education programs
  6. An explanation of the ways that any testing modifications or adaptations that are required to accommodate the child’s needs
  7. A statement of when any services will begin and end, how often the services will be provided, and where they will be provided.
  8. By the time the child turns 16, the IEP must also include measurable goals for preparing the child for post-secondary life.

You should carefully examine your child’s  IEP, make a copy of it, and use a highlighter or marker to verify that all required elements are in the program. If not, you need to immediately    set up a meeting with the school to make necessary revisions to the program.

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