When Your Children Have Busy Lives: Visitation for Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Matrimonial Law

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If your children are like many kids in today’s world, they have a lot on their plates. In addition to school and activities such as music, sports or other programs, they may be involved in church groups, or participate in community activities. If you are a non-custodial parent, you may have encountered a situation where your ex-spouse didn’t want your child to come with you during normal visitation, because of an extra-curricular or academic activity. If you are the custodial parent, you may want to be certain that your child’s needs and concerns are being met.

There’s simply no way around it—if your children are going to be active, and both parents are to have meaningful time with the children, you have to be flexible and cooperative, and you need to have open communication. Though you can put together a custody and visitation plan that addresses every issue, you want to be careful, as contingencies can occur and you may not be able to keep your commitments. Three key components in an effective plan include:

  • Knowing what your children want—Make certain that your children are only participating in activities that are necessary, or that they really want to do.
  • Planning how visitation will coincide with extra-curricular activities—Put together a long-term plan as to who will see that children get to activities.
  • Communicating as early as possible when changes are necessary—When emergencies arise, don’t wait until the last minute to request a change.

You may also have concerns about how your child’s academic needs are being addressed. Does your child study on nights and weekends with the noncustodial parent? Does the custodial parent ask you to take care of all special matters, such as science projects or other major items? Again, communication is the key to ensuring that your child’s needs are being met. Be clear about what you expect, and be reasonable, too. Though a science project can be a bonding experience for a noncustodial parent, it can also be an unfair expectation, based on the limited time they have with the child.

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