Damages After Hurricane Irene

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Personal Injury

Please note that this is not legal advice.  See our disclaimer. 

Hurricane Irene has now run its course over the Eastern seaboard of the United States. It will take weeks, if not months, to establish the damage from the storm. Usually after a disaster, property owners reflect upon the type and amount of insurance that covered their valuables. Unfortunately, too many homeowners and business owners failed to properly prepare. Even with insurance, the insured should be proactive in preparing for a disaster rather than being reactive after the loss. Billions of dollars of insured losses will not be paid by reason of the insured’s failure to follow a simple procedure to base their claim with their insurance company. Remember, the insurance company is not necessarily your friend. The insurance claim must substantiate the loss with concrete proof.

At Hornstine Law, LLC we represent the insured against insurance companies who fail to equitably pay for property losses.  As noted by Lou Hornstine, “far too many times, our law firm has found that our clients could not supply us with basic information that would have greatly assisted us in representing them. For example, the insured should always update a complete inventory of all of their furniture, furnishings, fixtures, personalty, and valuables. Photos of all of the insured’s possessions is a must. What is even better is a video of the home or business. It is difficult for the insurance company to argue against this form of proof.”

Additionally, the insured should meet annually with their insurance agent to make sure that they are properly covered. From Hurricane Irene, the insured should have learned that flood insurance may be worthwhile even if you are not close to water. Lou Hornstine added, ” your insurance company will use every effort and potential exclusion to avoid paying. Make sure that all types of damages are adequately covered.”

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